Our Plan


Our Plan

DC is deeply aware of the frail state of our social cohesion, thanks to decades of patronage driven politics and governance. We are also aware of the fact that we, as citizens, are unlikely to achieve any of our national ambitions if we do not act urgently and conscientiously to address this moribund state of affairs. 

We therefore set among our foremost priorities the work of repairing the social fabric of our country by going back to basics: DC will establish its programs and engage socially and politically with all communities and regions of Kenya, and create a vibrant political platform that views Kenya from a national and pluralistic perspective. 

We believe that it is only from a shared understanding of our nationhood that we can begin to address all that which ails us, at both the national and county level.


Deeply entrenched national ills such as impunity, insecurity, unfettered waste of public finances, spread of interethnic hatred, a governance and political culture steeped in corruption and clientelism combine to form a complex but resolvable impediment to the development of the nation. 

DC will prioritize the eradication of corruption in all sectors and at all levels of the Kenyan society. Both law enforcement and anti-corruption culture building will define our actions. . 


We will also place emphasis on the provision of security for all throughout the country. All Kenyans have a right to security and it is a prerequisite for individuals and communities to confidently engage in economic and social development. It is not negotiable! 

We will attract and deploy the best minds and talents that Kenya is globally renowned for to help reorganize our economy to ensure that investments are directed at areas that promise the best returns for citizens in respect to improving livelihoods and incomes, optimizing our country’s production capacities, lowering the cost of living and widening opportunities for all citizens to thrive through their dreams, talents and hard work. 


We set out to do things differently, effectively, efficiently, and in ways that bring out the best in our people and our country. DC is investing in a new political culture that shuns ethnicity as the basis for political mobilization in Kenya and one that promotes an appreciation and inclusion of all citizens from all communities across Kenya in the economy, governance, and nation building.


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