Our Objectives


Our Objectives

The objectives of the Party are based on the principles stated in ARTICLE THREE (3) and the vision and mission of the Party. The  objectives of the Democratic Party are:

  • To provide for election competent women and men to the Presidency, County Governments,  Senate and  Parliament for the purpose of giving effect to the Party vision, mission, principles and policies.
  • To build and sustain a national economy driven by innovation and which can attract and retain the intelligence, skills, talents and efforts of all citizens.
  • To ensure the just distribution of the production and services of the nation for the benefit of all citizens.
  • To promote and protect the rights, freedoms and welfare of all Kenyans. 
  •  To promote a strong government guided by principles of good governance, national values, democracy and respect for the liberties of its citizens.
  • To provide meaningful avenues for active citizen participation in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya and in the spirit of nation building.
  • To create policies and laws that ensure that the Government of Kenya under the Democratic Congress is open and accountable to citizens and that it works to promote these values at all times.    
  • To promote inclusivity and pluralism in the Party and in the government.
  • To promote and uphold requirements of leadership and integrity as Stated in Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya in the Party’s and in the governments it forms.
  • To provide, nurture and promote transformative political leadership for citizens’ wellbeing, cohesion and nationhood.
  • To protect the independence, security, sovereignty, wellbeing and dignity of all the people of Kenya at all times;
  • To promote civil, political, economic, religious, socioFcultural rights and freedoms of individual citizens and groups as defined in international, regional and national human rights instruments that Kenya is or shall in future be a party to; 
  • To protect and promote the democratic principle of separation of powers among the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary as well as those between the structures of the National Government and County Government.
  • To promote social justice and strive to eliminate all forms of prejudice, bigotry, discrimination, marginalization and imbalances across social groups, counties and regions.
  • To promote devolution and decentralization of power, and specifically strengthen county governments and ensure equitable distribution of Kenya’s wealth and resources and efficient delivery of quality services for all citizens.
  • To acquire land, buildings, movable or immovable property, securities and engage in lawful investments, business ventures and any other profitable enterprises and activities in the pursuit of the objectives of the Party.
  • To enter into transparent partnerships, alliances, agreements, contracts, arrangements or partnerships with likeFminded political parties, civil society organizations, trade unions, student organizations, lobby groups and other lawful entities to further the objectives of the Party.
  • To lawfully raise funds and other resources necessary for the implementation of Party policies and programs and maintain transparency and accountability in the Party’s acquisition and  expending of funds.
  • To undertake other activities as the Party shall deem necessary or incidental to the attainment of the vision and mission of the Democratic Congress.


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