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ABOUT THE DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (DC) The Democratic Congress (DC) is a new, Kenyan political party founded in 2014 by a collective of Kenyans, who mirror the diversity, and vibrancy of our beautiful country. Our numbers keep growing as we keep organizing and recruiting more Kenyans to join and grow the Party into a strong organization and movement. A strong value-driven ethos is at the core of the Party. DC believes that for Kenya to succeed and thrive, emergence and consolidation of a new type of political leadership that’s fiercely driven by love for Kenya, hard work, justice, peace, equity, accountability, constitutionalism and nationhood is both crucial and urgent. DC stands for, and is working to make this happen. It is true and understandable that many citizens may have grown disillusioned with politics over time. But we cannot give up on our country! That’s why as members of DC, we have decided to change this. We strive to organize, inspire and mobilize fellow Kenyans to work together and triumph over past disappointments - and to collectively address the challenges we face as citizens. DC will work tirelessly to refresh, redefine and build a new political culture that is driven by citizens. DC shall, at all times, place the concerns, needs and dreams of citizens at the center of its thought and programs. We, the people of Kenya are our country’s number one resource. DC amplifies this and works towards making Kenya a more perfect country and nation for all its citizens, visitors and residents. DC is an organization of all Kenyans across the length and breadth of our great nation. Our members are united by a burning desire to unite, organize and build a prosperous, confident and happy Kenya where as citizens; we all celebrate our diversity and are at peace with ourselves and with one another. We value the active and meaningful participation of all members to make this happen. THE VALUES OF DC Our core values are rooted in, and inspired by the ideals expressed in the Constitution of Kenya. DC will at all times be guided by the values of integrity (enlivened by a strict adherence to Chapter. 6 of the Constitution of Kenya); social justice and equity for all citizens of Kenya; freedom; respect and defense of diversity and inclusivity; and non-violence OUR MISSION We seek to provide sound, committed transformational political leadership to confront the numerous challenges our country continues to face due to decades of inept, corrupt and unpatriotic political leadership. We are a principled platform catalyzing the emergence and consolidation of transformational political leadership in Kenya. We hope, and will work, to form a Government of Kenya whose leadership will be known for its commitment and selfless service to the Kenyan people: not power to merely rule over them. The Party will at all times work to improve the wellbeing of all Kenyans. Since independence, Kenya’s politics have been dominated by a narrow, connected, self-interested and extractive elite. The outcome of this is the stunting of our country’s potential for inclusive growth and development. Even the opportunities for real transformation brought about by the Constitution of Kenya in 2010 have not been decisively deployed to significantly change the political and governance culture of our country for the better. We want to change this. DC seeks to catalyze change in the conduct and practice of party politics in Kenya. Through our programs, we are working to initiate and sustain decisive progress towards a new era of party politics as a real tool for our country’s survival, renewal and progress. THE DC PLAN DC is deeply aware of the frail state of our social cohesion, thanks to decades of patronage driven politics and governance. We are also aware of the fact that we, as citizens, are unlikely to achieve any of our national ambitions and overcome our challenges if we do not act together, urgently and conscientiously. We have bestowed upon ourselves the task of mobilizing our fellow citizens to work together in repairing the waning social fabric of our country. DC will promote social and political engagement among all communities and counties of Kenya. We will build our programs from a national, inclusive and pluralistic perspective. A shared belief and understanding of our nationhood is key to any efforts of addressing our persisting challenges as a country. DC will attract and deploy the best minds and talents that Kenya is globally renowned for to help reorganize our economy to ensure that investments are directed at areas that promise the best returns for citizens in respect to improving livelihoods and incomes, optimizing our country’s production capacities, lowering the cost of living and widening opportunities for all citizens to thrive through their dreams, talents and hard work. We will invest in ideas and programs to develop and expand our country’s human capital. Deeply entrenched national ills such as impunity, insecurity, unfettered waste of public finances and resources, a governance and political culture steeped in corruption and patronage, spread of interethnic hatred – all combine to form a complex but resolvable obstacle to the development of our country. We want to change this. DC will prioritize the prevention and eradication of corruption in all sectors and at all levels of the Kenyan society. Professional, effective and efficient law enforcement and building an anti-corruption culture will be at the center of DC’s action. DC believes that the multiple outstanding security challenges we continue to face and suffer under are within our country’s capability to deal with successfully. Rampant violent crime, terrorism, inter-ethnic violent conflict and proliferation of gangs are an outcome of weak law enforcement, corruption within security services and the connivance of powerful political and business cartels in crime. These must stop. Public safety and security is not negotiable and DC stands for modern, professional, well resourced and independent law enforcement and security services. A comprehensive national safety and security strategy that addresses the multi-faceted nature of crime and insecurity will guide DC’s delivery of security as a human right for all citizens, residents and visitors. OUR PROMISE The Democratic Congress pledges to be an open, accountable, diligent, effective and efficient political party. We are investing in the development and deepening of a new positive and productive Kenyan political culture that shuns patronage, ethnicity, corruption and violence as tools and bases for political mobilization. DC will do its very best to always bring out the best in our people and our country. We pledge to sincerely play our role to make a difference and to make our country Kenya a more perfect nation. We count on your support, engagement and active participation to help realize the DC dream. BE A PART OF THE PROMISE: JOIN DC NOW